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SSR Confidential is an Agent Carter fanworks exchange (fic and art). I am your mod, [personal profile] sholio. Contact me with any questions.

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2016 AO3 Collection
Rules and Dates
Tag Set (Text version)
Resources for fanworks creators (screencaps, wikis, etc)
• Letters post: on DW | on LJ

• March 16-22: Nominations.
• March 25-April 2: Signups.
• April 4 or 5: Assignments go out.
• May 1: No-fault dropout deadline.
• June 1: Fanworks due.
• June 8: Archive goes live.
• June 15: Reveals.
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The SSR Confidential creators are now revealed, so you can now feel free to link to your fanworks, crosspost them as you normally would, and so forth. If you haven't already, please be sure to leave a comment for your creator!

Thank you to everyone for making this a great inaugural year. I'm definitely planning it on running it again next year, so watch us here at this comm, at [ profile] ssrconfidential, or at [ profile] ssrconfidential for the opening of nominations next year.

I'm also planning to run an Agent Carter Big Bang, but I don't have a timeline for that yet, and I have a busy couple of months coming up so I'm not sure when I'll get it off the ground. I'll make an announcement here when I know more, though.

Thank you all once again for participating!
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The SSR Confidential archive is live!

We have art and vids, and fics both short and long; we have gen, F/M, F/F, M/M, and poly. Go and enjoy! Please remember to leave a nice comment for your fanwork creator, who took the time to make something they hope you'll like.

Thank you to all the creators, pinch hitters, beta readers, and treat-makers; thank you to those who spread the word, reblogged, signal-boosted, and offered suggestions and encouragement; thank you in advance to the commenters, the kudos-leavers, and the reccers; and thank you to the lurkers for simply being here, because we all started out where you are, and I know some of you will write, draw, or comment someday. (And if you don't, that's okay too!)

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Final and hopefully last notice of delay: the SSR Confidential archive will now open at noon my time/4pm EST. And that one I'm confident about! Once again, apologies for the delays, but we'll get this show on the road soon, and I'm really looking forward to sharing all of this with you. :)
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There is a problem with an assignment that needs to be fixed before the archive can be opened, so the archive will not open tonight as planned. Right now, I'm planning to open it when I get up, probably somewhere around 8am AK time/noon EST.

I am very sorry about the delay! But I expect we'll be able to go live in the morning with no issues. *fingers crossed*
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One of our pinch hitters is not signed up for the exchange, so I asked if they could give me some details/requests in case anyone wants to write them a treat.

They are [personal profile] chelseagirl/[ profile] chelseagirl and here are their requests:

Peggy/Jason, Peggy & Howard, Peggy + the Jarvises )

Currently I'm planning to open the archive tomorrow evening tomorrow at midnight Alaska time, that is, late Wednesday/early Thursday (all the assignments are in; right now it's just last-minute edits and treats, both of which I know a few people are working on), so you have today and the better part of tomorrow to finish anything you're working on. Anyone who needs a bit more time can PM me if necessary, but otherwise I think we're set to go live tomorrow evening!

Pinch hits

Jun. 2nd, 2016 02:41 pm
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Okay, it's pinch hit time! At this point there are just two. Comments are screened; comment here or PM me to claim one. The deadline for pinch hits is Monday, June 6 at 11:59 p.m. Alaska time (so, effectively, morning on the 7th).

CLAIMED! Pinch hit #1: Angie Martinelli, Peggy Carter, Angie Martinelli & Peggy Carter; Fic
Details )

CLAIMED! Pinch hit #2: Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson, Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson, Peggy Carter/Gabe Jones/Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers; Fic
Details )
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And this is going to be AWESOME. Seriously, I'm so excited. We have gen, F/M, F/F, and M/M; we have fic, art, and vids; we have long fics and short fics and everything in between. This is going to be a delightful AC fanworks bonanza!

The official SSR Confidential deadline is 11:59 p.m. tonight, Alaska time (countdown timer!). Basically this means that if it's still June 1 anywhere in the world, you're probably good. I'm not going to be defaulting people on the dot of midnight, either; I'm going to wait 'til morning, and then see what I have and what needs to go out to pinch hit, so you'll have a slight grace period as well.

If you are going to be late but are confident that you can finish your assignment in time, please send me a PM or email me!

Also, comments to this post are screened, if you'd like to contact me that way.

The archive will be opened on June 8 (possibly a bit earlier if everything gets in ahead of time!). This is to allow time for pinch hits and extensions.

.... And treats! If you would like to make a treat for someone (note: this is 100% fine even if you defaulted or dropped out, and you do not have to be a participant to create treats!), all the requests are visible here. There are no minimum length/size requirements for treats; however, you should try to observe your recipient's likes and dislikes just as for a regular assignment.

Pinch hits, if we have any, will be posted to the LJ and DW communities tomorrow, and will be first come, first served.
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This is a modly reminder that your fanworks are due in a little less than 2 weeks! The deadline is June 1 at midnight.

Don't forget there is also a post for offering beta services, if you are either looking for a beta or want to offer.

No check-in is required, and comments to this post are NOT screened. But, if you like, feel free to use the comments to talk about how it's going in very general terms (remember that your gifts are anonymous until creator reveals, so you don't want to give away what you're working on!), commiserate with each other, etc. Just in case you feel like screaming about UNCOOPERATIVE WORDS, complaining about how difficult it is to find information on 1940s toothbrushes, squeeing about how you finally got that sex scene working, etc.
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Here is the post to offer your beta services for SSR Confidential! Having your fanwork beta'd is not a requirement for this fest, but it is suggested, to make your gift the best it can possibly be.

Use the following template:

AO3 name, if participating in the exchange:
Preferred contact info:
Offering to beta these fanwork types:
Will beta for (ships, rating, etc):
Will not beta for (ships, rating, kinks etc you don't want):

For contact info, you can include an email, your LJ or DW name so people can PM you, etc. Types of fanworks in the fest are fic, art, and vids; please indicate which of these you're offering to beta for.

The "AO3 name if participating" line is mostly to keep people from accidentally sending someone their own gift to beta, since a lot of people have different usernames on different platforms! You don't have to be participating to offer to beta.

Fanwork creators looking for a beta, please check the comments at this post on DW and at this post on LJ to see if anyone is offering what you need.
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Hi all - I hope your assignments are going well! You don't have to check in or anything, but this is a reminder that May 1 is the no-fault dropout deadline, to ensure that your assignment has plenty of time to find a pinch hitter if you know for sure that you aren't going to be able to finish in time. (Assignments are due June 1.)

In actual practice there probably will not be any kind of penalty if you drop out after May 1, but if you're pretty sure at this point that you are going to default, it would be nice to know in plenty of time so that I can arrange for a pinch hitter before the last minute!

Comments to this post are screened, so you can use the comments to contact me if you need to; you can also send me a PM.

Otherwise, happy writing/drawing/vidding; I hope you are enjoying your assignment and having fun with it!
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Here are the resources I've collected so far. Any more you can suggest are very welcome (especially places where you can anonymously host art or vids) and will be added to this post.

Artist resources )

Vidder resources )

Writer resources )

Do you have any more? Please add them in the comments!
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Assignments are out! Check your email! Who's excited??? I'M EXCITED!

Please contact me (via PM, or email me at ASAP if you have any problems with your assignment or did not receive one. I am also screening comments to this post so you can use this post to contact me also.

Remember, you only have to create fanworks for ONE of your recipient's requested characters or relationships, and you do not have to make fanworks for any character or relationships that you didn't offer. Some of you only matched on one. That's okay! Even if everything else in their request is a NOTP for you, you only have to write/draw/vid that one! (Obviously "don't bash your recipient's other OTPs" goes without saying ...)

I'm going to put up an artist/vidder resources post shortly, which will include links to screencaps etc for artists, suggestions for anonymous places to host your art or vids since your gift will be anonymous at first, and that kind of thing.

Your stories, art, or vids are due by June 1. May 1 is the "no fault" dropout deadline. After that, you can still drop out, but you might have to complete a treat or something to participate next year (depending on how nice the mod is feeling and how many last-minute dropouts there are). Pinch hits, should they occur, will be announced here and handed out on a "first come, first served" basis.

Making treats (i.e. gifts for people you weren't assigned to, or extra gifts for your recipient) is 100% fine and encouraged! It is probably a good idea to do your assignment first, however.

Happy writing/arting/vidding! I hope you like your assignment and have fun. Contact me with questions or problems.
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I've done all the assignment matching and I'm currently waiting to hear back from AO3 on a support question (there appears a bug that's preventing me from saving one person's assignment). However, I have thought of a couple of workarounds if I don't hear back from them in a timely fashion.

In any case, I have a match for all 27 participants, and assignments should be going out this evening or tomorrow morning!
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Signups are now closed. Assignments will go out in the next few days, once I finish matching participants. We have 27 signups - thank you to everyone for signing up, and watch your email for your assignment!
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Reminder: SSR Confidential signups will close on Saturday, April 2 at 11:59 p.m. Alaska time.

View a countdown timer.

You can see all the requests here. There are a wide variety of characters and pairings represented so far -- but of course it is would be fabulous to see more! Thank you to everyone who has signed up so far, and signal-boosted in various places; it's most appreciated.

You can edit your signup right until signups close, but that will be your last chance to do so, as assignments will be made shortly afterwards!
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If you wrote a request letter to your fanworks creator, link to it here! This part is optional, but it's very helpful for people who want to make you treats. Including your AO3 name (if different from your LJ name) and your requested characters/relationships is also helpful. You can copy-paste this text snippet and fill in your info if it helps:

AO3 name:
Characters and relationships:

[Letters post on LJ]
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Once I open the signup form on Friday, I won't be able to make additional changes to it without clearing and therefore losing all the signups (I think). Right now, here's how it stands:

• Requests: 2-8 characters and/or relationships
• Offers: 4-12 characters and/or relationships
• Fanworks options:
- Art (Drawn/Digital)
- Art (Graphics)
- Fic
- Vids

Sound good? Anyone have any concerns you want to raise? If there's anything you're concerned about, anything you think I should add or change, let me know in the comments. If not, then we are good to go at 12:01 on Friday morning. :D
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SSR Confidential 2016 nominations are now closed. Thank you for all the nominations! A complete list of nominated characters and pairings is under the cut. Signups will open on Friday, March 25 at 12:01 a.m. Alaska time (or thereabouts).

Characters and relationships in SSR Confidential 2016 )
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Tuesday, March 22 is the last day to nominate characters or relationships in SSR Confidential. Nominations will close in the general vicinity of 11:59 p.m. Alaska time. Here is a countdown timer.

A complete list of all nominated characters and relationships is at this link. (ETA: New ones will be added at the bottom of the tag set as they come in.)

Signups will open Friday!

ETA: Wow, it would be super useful if I included a link to the tag set too, huh? *facepalm*
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