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Assignments are out, earlier than expected! You should have received an email at the email address you use for AO3. If you did NOT receive an email, or if there is a problem with your assignment, please contact me immediately by sending me a PM on DW/LJ, an ask on Tumblr, or leave a comment below. (Comments are screened, so only I will be able to see them!)

Remember, you only have to create fanworks for ONE of your recipient's requested characters or relationships, and you do not have to make fanworks for any character or relationship that you didn't offer. Some of you only matched on one. That's okay! Even if everything else in their request is a NOTP for you, you only have to write/draw/vid that one! (Obviously "don't bash your recipient's other OTPs" goes without saying ...) However, you do not HAVE to stick to the one you matched on; if you matched on Peggy/Angie, but they have an absolutely delightful Peggy/Rose prompt, feel free to make something for that one instead!

All assignments are due June 1 unless you ask for an extension. May 1 is our "no fault" dropout deadline, so if you know by that time that everything has gone horribly wrong and you will not be able to complete your assignment, please contact me and I'll arrange a pinch hitter. You can drop out later if you must, but the earlier I know about it, the more time the pinch hitter will have to create a gift for your recipient! Pinch hits will be announced at our LJ/DW/Tumblr communities, and will be handed out on a first come, first served basis.

You can also write/draw/vid treats for other participants -- that is, create gift fanworks for them that are not part of your assignment. All requests can be reviewed here for possible treatmaking. For treats, the usual minimums (1000 word fic/1 finished piece of art/1 minute vid) do not apply. Treats may be any size.

Happy writing/arting/vidding! I hope you like your assignment and have fun. Contact me with questions or problems.