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Prompts from the prompt call

So far, the LJ/DW prompt posts have generated some awesome prompts! These are for general inspiration - if you’re not signed up for SSR Confidential, or if these don’t fit your assignment, feel free to use one anyway. (Not gonna lie, I am seriously tempted by several of these.) No need for prompt claiming. If you’d like to add some more, use these links:

Prompt post on DW | Prompt post on LJ

There is also a Tumblr version of this post.

The prompts:

• Rose didn't actually fly out to be with her sick mom, that's just what she told Daniel so he wouldn't feel bad. She actually took the day off work and kidnapped Violet for a girl's day. Broken hearts need to be mended after all.

• Everyone is sick of Daniel's Hawaiian shirts. Peggy, Ana, and Jarvis conspire to give him a makeover.

• Howard is sick (and a terrible patient), but Jarvis is out of town assisting Peggy on a case, so it falls to Ana to play nursemaid. Howard is not pleased.

• Jack was the best man at Peggy and Daniel’s wedding. No one outside the three of them knew he was joining them for their wedding night too.

• Howard and Jason have a thing, but it's not like it means anything. Sex can be just sex, right? Jason slept with guys in the Navy without it meaning anything after all. But none of those relationships lasted more than ten years. And he didn't resent their wives and girlfriends when the war was over. Hell, he doesn't resent Howard's many flings either. He resents the hell out of Maria Carbonelli, though.

• Angie dances with each of the Howling Commandos in turn at Peggy and Daniel's wedding. Peg sure does know some interesting people, doesn't she?

• Bernard just wants to be a star. In which future film historians watch Stark Studios movies not because they're any good, but because they all have a random flamingo in the background of some of the shots. It makes for a fun drinking game.

Everyone has amnesia.

• In a case of mistaken identity, Ana is taken hostage by someone who thinks she's Peggy. But she has a few tricks of her own up her sleeve.

• Strip poker night!

• Sousa and Peggy are in a relationship or married, but an undercover job comes along and Peggy and Thompson have to pretend to be married for the case. Could be OT3 or just wacky hijinks.

• Peggy Carter-Sousa is the director of the newly formed SHIELD, making her husband Daniel a political spouse. Could be competency kink (he knows the names of all the kids of all the senators, but also the names of their mistresses and who to subtly blackmail come funding time), or hijinks or loyalty kink (he keeps trying to hit people with his cane for implying she's a communist who slept her way to the top).

• [art prompt] future fashion illustration! Any of the gang in 50s, 60s, or 70s clothing.

• Ana and Edwin Jarvis persuade Peggy to move in with them. (Peggy Carter/Ana Jarvis/Edwin Jarvis)

• Jack makes a mistake, Daniel and Peggy try to help and all three of them end up in only hotel room, or in a storage room where they have to hide, or a cave where they have to share body heat etc.. (Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson)

• [art prompt] Peggy Carter: summer, beach

• Jack and Sousa have to protect and get information from an 8 year old witness to a Hydra attack where Peggy was hurt.

Newly added:

• Angie moves to L.A. along with Peggy to try to break into the movies. Hijinks ensue.

• Howard takes various home movies with advanced equipment he jerry-rigs himself. Years later someone finds them. (Tony?)

• Body swap - hilarity and possibly angst ensues.

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