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Pinch hit #3 - CLAIMED!

EDIT: This pinch hit is claimed!

We have a new pinch hit! This person wants any kind of fanworks (art, fic, vids) and Peggy, Angie, or Peggy/Angie. See details under the cut.

Fanwork types: Art (Drawn/Digital), Art (Graphics), Fic, Vids

Peggy Carter
Angie Martinelli
Peggy Carter/Angie Martinelli
Angie Martinelli/Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers

I love Cartinelli, so anything with them would be great. I don't like heavy angst, horror, or unhappy endings. I like canonverse or AUs, but I'd prefer anything set in canon to be centered around Season 1/Post-Season 1. In terms of music preferences, I generally like most pop/rock songs.

Here are some possible prompts (though I'll be happy with anything you create as long as it has a happy ending):

1. Jarvis figures out that Peggy has feelings for Angie and he and Ana work to get them together.

2. Peggy and Angie domestic fluff.

3. A Cinderella AU where Angie is Cinderella and Peggy is the Princess.

If you would like to claim this pinch hit or have any questions about it, leave a comment (they're screened) or send me a PM.

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