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Sholio ([personal profile] sholio) wrote in [community profile] ssrconfidential2017-06-07 10:48 am
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Pinch hitter requests

We have two pinch hitters who are not signed up for the exchange, so I asked them to give me some requests in case anyone wants to write them treats.

This is for [ profile] Lilly_C:

Mostly Peggy/Jack and Peggy & Jack for me. Fic or art. A few options could be
• Jack introducing Peggy to Gam Gam (gen or ship)
• An undercover mission
• Peggy wearing Jack's hat

Request letter posts as they have my don't wants and a few more options to work with.

And this is for [ profile] cairistiona:

Fic or art is fine. I love good Peggy & Jarvis friendship banter, or Peggy and the Howlies, anything gen and not shippy unless it's a mention of canon romance like Steggy or Jarvis and Ana.