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Emergency pinch hit! - CLAIMED

This pinch hit is now claimed!

We have a last-minute pinch hit! This person wants fic or vids, female friendship with various combinations of female characters, character studies of female characters, or Peggy/Jack/Daniel. See details below.

Fanwork type: fic, vids

Rose Roberts & Violet
Rose Roberts & Ana Jarvis
Peggy Carter & Ana Jarvis
Peggy Carter & Howard Stark
Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson
Miriam Fry
Whitney Frost
Bernard Stark

I'd love some female friend bonding time. Character studies on Miriam Fry at the Griffith (Did she start the hotel or take it over from someone? And just why is she so strict with the girls?) or Whitney Frost early in her career could be fascinating. Just about anything to do with Peggy's relationship with her "cousin" Howard is welcome (but seriously, how did they become friends and stay friends for so long?). Bernard is always good for a laugh. And, of course, OT3 is pretty much always fun and much more open to the possibilities of AUs.

This pinch hit is due, basically, whenever you are able to get it done. Fanwork reveals are scheduled for tonight, but will remain unrevealed as long as there are still assignments out.