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SSR Confidential Resource Post

SSR Confidential is an Agent Carter fanworks exchange (fic and art). I am your mod, [personal profile] sholio. Contact me with any questions.

Dreamwidth Community
Livejournal Community
2017 AO3 Collection
Rules and Dates
Tag Set (Text version)
Resources for fanworks creators (screencaps, wikis, etc)
• Letters post: On LJ | On DW

2017 Schedule:
• March 1-12: Nominations.
• March 15-25: Signups.
• March 28 or 29: Assignments go out.
• May 1: No-fault dropout deadline.
• June 1: Fanworks due.
• June 8: Archive goes live.
• June 15: Reveals.

Past years:
2016 AO3 Collection