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We are two weeks out from deadline! And once again your neighborhood mod is a little behind the curve on getting this post up, but here is your post to ask for a beta or volunteer your beta services.

Below you will find threads for fic, art, and vid beta. Please leave a comment in the appropriate thread(s). If you would like to look for someone to help you out with brainstorming and/or alpha reading (i.e. looking at an unfinished draft to provide critique) feel free to use these threads for that too.

When volunteering, please mention any preferences in what you'd be willing to beta (e.g. preferred or NOTP pairings, if any; if you'd rather not beta smut; nothing season-two-related; etc).

Most posts are crossposted between LJ and DW, but I'm consolidating this one on DW to make it easier for betas to find each other.

Beta threads:

Fic beta volunteers
Fic seeking beta

Artwork beta volunteers
Art seeking beta

Vid beta volunteers
Vids seeking beta
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Here is the post to offer your beta services for SSR Confidential! Having your fanwork beta'd is not a requirement for this fest, but it is suggested, to make your gift the best it can possibly be.

Use the following template:

AO3 name, if participating in the exchange:
Preferred contact info:
Offering to beta these fanwork types:
Will beta for (ships, rating, etc):
Will not beta for (ships, rating, kinks etc you don't want):

For contact info, you can include an email, your LJ or DW name so people can PM you, etc. Types of fanworks in the fest are fic, art, and vids; please indicate which of these you're offering to beta for.

The "AO3 name if participating" line is mostly to keep people from accidentally sending someone their own gift to beta, since a lot of people have different usernames on different platforms! You don't have to be participating to offer to beta.

Fanwork creators looking for a beta, please check the comments at this post on DW and at this post on LJ to see if anyone is offering what you need.


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