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This pinch hit is now claimed!

We have a last-minute pinch hit! This person wants fic or vids, female friendship with various combinations of female characters, character studies of female characters, or Peggy/Jack/Daniel. See details below.

Details under cut )

This pinch hit is due, basically, whenever you are able to get it done. Fanwork reveals are scheduled for tonight, but will remain unrevealed as long as there are still assignments out.
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We have two pinch hitters who are not signed up for the exchange, so I asked them to give me some requests in case anyone wants to write them treats.

This is for [ profile] Lilly_C:

Lilly_C's details under cut )

And this is for [ profile] cairistiona:

Cairistiona's details under cut )
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EDIT: This pinch hit is claimed!

We have a new pinch hit! This person wants any kind of fanworks (art, fic, vids) and Peggy, Angie, or Peggy/Angie. See details under the cut.

Pinch hit details )

If you would like to claim this pinch hit or have any questions about it, leave a comment (they're screened) or send me a PM.
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We have another pinch hit - please see details under the cut. The recipient is looking for fic and has mostly gen requests for several different characters.


Pinch Hit #2 details )

To claim this pinch hit, please leave a comment (all comments are screened) or send me a PM.

Meanwhile, over at the prompts post, we have prompts! We have lots of prompts! I want to write half of them! There are prompts for both fic and art, and more are always welcome! A little later today I'm going to collect them in a list for easy browsing (and add new ones as they come in). Feel free to go over and leave some more if you have ideas. This is a fun way to participate if you weren't able to sign up or aren't a fanwork creator yourself -- you can still help out with inspiration.

Prompt post on DW | Prompt post on LJ
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This pinch hit is now claimed!

We have a pinch hit available! Details under the cut:

Pinch Hit #1 )

Please leave me a comment if you would like to claim it! First person to ask gets it. You do not need to be signed up to claim a pinch hit. Please leave your AO3 name if it's different from your DW name. All comments are screened.
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One of our pinch hitters is not signed up for the exchange, so I asked if they could give me some details/requests in case anyone wants to write them a treat.

They are [personal profile] chelseagirl/[ profile] chelseagirl and here are their requests:

Peggy/Jason, Peggy & Howard, Peggy + the Jarvises )

Currently I'm planning to open the archive tomorrow evening tomorrow at midnight Alaska time, that is, late Wednesday/early Thursday (all the assignments are in; right now it's just last-minute edits and treats, both of which I know a few people are working on), so you have today and the better part of tomorrow to finish anything you're working on. Anyone who needs a bit more time can PM me if necessary, but otherwise I think we're set to go live tomorrow evening!

Pinch hits

Jun. 2nd, 2016 02:41 pm
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Okay, it's pinch hit time! At this point there are just two. Comments are screened; comment here or PM me to claim one. The deadline for pinch hits is Monday, June 6 at 11:59 p.m. Alaska time (so, effectively, morning on the 7th).

CLAIMED! Pinch hit #1: Angie Martinelli, Peggy Carter, Angie Martinelli & Peggy Carter; Fic
Details )

CLAIMED! Pinch hit #2: Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson, Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson, Peggy Carter/Gabe Jones/Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers; Fic
Details )


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