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[personal profile] muccamukk has volunteered to host a rewatch of Agent Carter for a canon review! From the intro post:

Since we're trying to get eighteen episodes watched before the main writing period really gets going, it's going to be pretty fast (think of it like those dance marathons from the 1930s). However, don't worry if this schedule doesn't fit your schedule. I'm just going to put the posts up on the below days; if you want to watch them then, yay, if you want to watch six on Saturdays and none during the week, also yay, just comment as something familiar passes you by.

Agent Carter Rapid Rewatch schedule and intro post - you can track the agent carter rewatch tag at Mucca's journal if you have a DW account. Anon commenting is turned on over there for those without DW accounts. There will be roughly an episode every two days, but everyone can watch along at their own speed (or just drop in and out of the discussion posts).


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