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Pinch hit #2 - CLAIMED!

We have another pinch hit - please see details under the cut. The recipient is looking for fic and has mostly gen requests for several different characters.


Fanwork type: Fic

Howard Stark, Peggy Carter, Edwin Jarvis, Johann Fennhoff, Arnim Zola, Dottie Underwood, Ana Jarvis, Jason Wilkes


Fenhoff/Ivchenko aka Faustus as presented in the show fascinates me. I'd love a story exploring his development from Doctor intent on helping people (flashback with the soldier) to ruthless organizer of massacres. Finnau obviously played a key role, but was he with Leviathan before or after that? How much or little does he identify with them aside from his revenge goal? What is his relationship with Dottie and the other Widows like (who joined as children, long before he did, and yet he seems to be her superior in their operation)? When he meets Zola in the cell: right wing clich├ęs not withstanding, Nazis and Stalinist Communists aren't interchangeable, especially directly after a war that killed more Soviet citizens than members of any other nations. So how does their eventual alliance come about?

Anything about the Jarvises and Howard Stark starting their lives together. Howard, as opposed to Tony, didn't grow up with servants, and being close to them wouldn't have come automatically. By the time Peggy meets Jarvis, Howard seems to trust him enormously (more than Peggy even, since Jarvis actually knows about Steve's blood), and Ana is utterly comfortable living in the house of a famous lothario. We only know Howard helped Edwin because they'd already met and liked each other, but how did that translate into making Edwin Jarvis his Pepper Potts? Ana at first probably was glad to be safe and have the chance to live without financial worries in the US, but what did she make of Howard, and what did she think of the two of them managing the Stark household as a life time task? How tempted is Edwin to work for Peggy full time (which Howard says he'd understand) instead, and Ana? Why don't they?

Jason Wilkes: he and Howard hit it off in season 2. Does he take Howard up on the job offer? Does he talk with him about guilt, given what he did/almost did, and given Howard has his own guilt issues (scientific and otherwise)? Or, lightheartedly: how about that shared swimming? Friendship or slash are equally welcome.

If none of these speak to you: case fic with Peggy and Jarvis fighting crime is always welcome.

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To claim this pinch hit, please leave a comment (all comments are screened) or send me a PM.

Meanwhile, over at the prompts post, we have prompts! We have lots of prompts! I want to write half of them! There are prompts for both fic and art, and more are always welcome! A little later today I'm going to collect them in a list for easy browsing (and add new ones as they come in). Feel free to go over and leave some more if you have ideas. This is a fun way to participate if you weren't able to sign up or aren't a fanwork creator yourself -- you can still help out with inspiration.

Prompt post on DW | Prompt post on LJ

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