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SSR Confidential is an Agent Carter fanworks exchange (fic and art). I am your mod, [personal profile] sholio. Contact me with any questions.

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2017 AO3 Collection
Rules and Dates
Tag Set (Text version)
Resources for fanworks creators (screencaps, wikis, etc)
• Letters post: On LJ | On DW

2017 Schedule:
• March 1-12: Nominations.
• March 15-25: Signups.
• March 28 or 29: Assignments go out.
• May 1: No-fault dropout deadline.
• June 1: Fanworks due.
• June 8: Archive goes live.
• June 15: Reveals.

Past years:
2016 AO3 Collection
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The creators are revealed, and you can now talk about your fanwork, link to it, etc.

Thank you so much to all the creators and pinch hitters - you are all great, and this fest couldn't happen without you! See you all next year! :)
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Got a guess about who created a thing in this year's SSR Confidential? Here's your chance to give it your best shot!

(This is modeled on the guessing posts for [community profile] festivids and other exchanges that similarly give people the chance to guess the creators during the anonymous period. I thought it might be fun to try it this year!)

Guessing post on LJ.
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We have 31 works in this year's SSR Confidential - gen, F/M, F/F, M/M, and poly; fic and a vid (no art this year!); casefic and backstory, humor and romance, and lots more! Thank you so much to all the participants, especially to our amazing pinch hitters who came through like stars.

If you signed up but did not receive a gift email, or if you have a problem with your gift or happen to notice something terribly wrong with one of the fanworks in the exchange, please contact me ASAP. Otherwise, go forth and enjoy! I know what I'll be doing tonight.
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This pinch hit is now claimed!

We have a last-minute pinch hit! This person wants fic or vids, female friendship with various combinations of female characters, character studies of female characters, or Peggy/Jack/Daniel. See details below.

Details under cut )

This pinch hit is due, basically, whenever you are able to get it done. Fanwork reveals are scheduled for tonight, but will remain unrevealed as long as there are still assignments out.
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We have two pinch hitters who are not signed up for the exchange, so I asked them to give me some requests in case anyone wants to write them treats.

This is for [ profile] Lilly_C:

Lilly_C's details under cut )

And this is for [ profile] cairistiona:

Cairistiona's details under cut )
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This pinch hit has been claimed! Thank you!

We have a new pinch hit! This will be due in the evening on Wednesday, June 7. Please PM me or comment (comments are screened) if you are interested or need more info.

This person wants fic with the Jarvises (separately or together) and several different pairing combinations involving the Jarvises, Peggy, and Jason.

Details under the cut )
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Your fanworks are due tonight by midnight Eastern time! (The AO3 page says 8 p.m. Alaska time, which is the same thing. AO3 no longer appears to let you set the time to 11:59 p.m. - the workaround that I and some other mods used to use to avoid the "midnight on which day??" issue - so this is my new workaround.)

Thank you to everyone who has turned in your fanwork already or requested an extension! If you know you're going to be late, PM me ASAP! Comments to this post are also screened.

I'm not going to be a hard case about the exact deadline; that is, I will not default any unsubmitted assignments as soon as the clock rolls over to 8:01. In the morning when I get up, I'll be checking what's in, and at that point, reassigning pinch hitters to anything that's not turned in or given an extension request. So effectively you have until somewhere around noon AK time/early afternoon US East Coast/late evening Europe on June 2. Be aware that this will vary depending on how my morning goes and you won't get any warning, however.

Fanworks may be unbeta'd, and you can continue editing them right up to the deadline, but they should be COMPLETE and NOT A PLACEHOLDER; that is, if something happened and you suddenly broke a leg tomorrow, your recipient should still have a decent gift. Anything that is obviously a placeholder will also be sent out to pinch hit. If you need an extension, send me a PM and let me know!
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Don't forget, your fanworks are due late in the evening on June 1 -- just about 5 days from now. I'm not going to be a terrible stickler about it; as last year, I'll wait 'til morning on June 2 to figure out what I have or don't have, at which point I will default any unfilled assignments and assign pinch hitters. If you know you'll need an extension or have to drop out, please contact me ASAP!

Once your assignment is finished, you might consider making a treat if you happen to see anything appealing in the list of requests. This is definitely not required, but it's an option if you are inspired.

Speaking of inspiration, there are tons of screencaps and historical info sites in the resource post, and there's also the prompt post if you're stuck for ideas and want to peruse the prompts. (I added a few that were contributed since the post was last updated.) And don't forget the beta thread if you are in need of a beta or would like to offer your services.

Out of curiosity, does anyone have any suggestions for inspiration/encouragement/cheerleading type posts that might be useful as we head into the final stretch? I meant to do more of that kind of thing this year and the deadline got away from me, as deadlines often do; I'm not sure if it would still be useful this late. But if some commiseration and cheerleading threads would be helpful to anyone, then by all means let me know and I'll put some up.
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EDIT: This pinch hit is claimed!

We have a new pinch hit! This person wants any kind of fanworks (art, fic, vids) and Peggy, Angie, or Peggy/Angie. See details under the cut.

Pinch hit details )

If you would like to claim this pinch hit or have any questions about it, leave a comment (they're screened) or send me a PM.
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We are two weeks out from deadline! And once again your neighborhood mod is a little behind the curve on getting this post up, but here is your post to ask for a beta or volunteer your beta services.

Below you will find threads for fic, art, and vid beta. Please leave a comment in the appropriate thread(s). If you would like to look for someone to help you out with brainstorming and/or alpha reading (i.e. looking at an unfinished draft to provide critique) feel free to use these threads for that too.

When volunteering, please mention any preferences in what you'd be willing to beta (e.g. preferred or NOTP pairings, if any; if you'd rather not beta smut; nothing season-two-related; etc).

Most posts are crossposted between LJ and DW, but I'm consolidating this one on DW to make it easier for betas to find each other.

Beta threads:

Fic beta volunteers
Fic seeking beta

Artwork beta volunteers
Art seeking beta

Vid beta volunteers
Vids seeking beta
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So far, the LJ/DW prompt posts have generated some awesome prompts! These are for general inspiration - if you’re not signed up for SSR Confidential, or if these don’t fit your assignment, feel free to use one anyway. (Not gonna lie, I am seriously tempted by several of these.) No need for prompt claiming. If you’d like to add some more, use these links:

Prompt post on DW | Prompt post on LJ

There is also a Tumblr version of this post.

The prompts:

Cut for length )
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We have another pinch hit - please see details under the cut. The recipient is looking for fic and has mostly gen requests for several different characters.


Pinch Hit #2 details )

To claim this pinch hit, please leave a comment (all comments are screened) or send me a PM.

Meanwhile, over at the prompts post, we have prompts! We have lots of prompts! I want to write half of them! There are prompts for both fic and art, and more are always welcome! A little later today I'm going to collect them in a list for easy browsing (and add new ones as they come in). Feel free to go over and leave some more if you have ideas. This is a fun way to participate if you weren't able to sign up or aren't a fanwork creator yourself -- you can still help out with inspiration.

Prompt post on DW | Prompt post on LJ
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It's just about three weeks until the June 1 deadline, and I really meant to do this sooner! This is the first in a series of inspiration posts for anyone who might be struggling with their assignment, or just could use a little motivation.

Obviously there's only so far we can go with prompts and brainstorming posts since the assignments are anonymous, but a slight risk of compromised anonymity is totally worth it for more fic, art, and vids we'll all enjoy, right? Right! (Also, anon commenting is on, so feel free to comment that way.)

First up: PROMPT SHARING STATION (or, plot bunny hutch). If you have an idea that you'd like to set free to a good home, please post it as a comment here!

Similarly, if you are stuck and would like to ask if anyone's got some prompts for [insert pairing here], go right ahead. (You might want to be anonymous for that one.)

Feel free to encourage a prompt you want to see, discuss/brainstorm on prompts, and so forth. Just keep it positive, please -- no trashing other people's prompts or pairings.

You do NOT have to use these exclusively for SSR Confidential fanworks. Maybe your assignment is Peggy/Angie, but someone leaves a gorgeous Peggy/Dottie prompt that you just HAVE to write. Or maybe there's a Peggy/Angie prompt that really speaks to you, but it's AU and your recipient doesn't like that. Write it anyway! You could gift it to someone in the exchange as a treat, or just post it on your own.

Also, you do not need to be signed up to leave a prompt, and prompts do not need to be claimed if you decide to write one.

Prompts! Go!

Livejournal version of this post
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This pinch hit is now claimed!

We have a pinch hit available! Details under the cut:

Pinch Hit #1 )

Please leave me a comment if you would like to claim it! First person to ask gets it. You do not need to be signed up to claim a pinch hit. Please leave your AO3 name if it's different from your DW name. All comments are screened.
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Assignments are out, earlier than expected! You should have received an email at the email address you use for AO3. If you did NOT receive an email, or if there is a problem with your assignment, please contact me immediately by sending me a PM on DW/LJ, an ask on Tumblr, or leave a comment below. (Comments are screened, so only I will be able to see them!)

Remember, you only have to create fanworks for ONE of your recipient's requested characters or relationships, and you do not have to make fanworks for any character or relationship that you didn't offer. Some of you only matched on one. That's okay! Even if everything else in their request is a NOTP for you, you only have to write/draw/vid that one! (Obviously "don't bash your recipient's other OTPs" goes without saying ...) However, you do not HAVE to stick to the one you matched on; if you matched on Peggy/Angie, but they have an absolutely delightful Peggy/Rose prompt, feel free to make something for that one instead!

All assignments are due June 1 unless you ask for an extension. May 1 is our "no fault" dropout deadline, so if you know by that time that everything has gone horribly wrong and you will not be able to complete your assignment, please contact me and I'll arrange a pinch hitter. You can drop out later if you must, but the earlier I know about it, the more time the pinch hitter will have to create a gift for your recipient! Pinch hits will be announced at our LJ/DW/Tumblr communities, and will be handed out on a first come, first served basis.

You can also write/draw/vid treats for other participants -- that is, create gift fanworks for them that are not part of your assignment. All requests can be reviewed here for possible treatmaking. For treats, the usual minimums (1000 word fic/1 finished piece of art/1 minute vid) do not apply. Treats may be any size.

Happy writing/arting/vidding! I hope you like your assignment and have fun. Contact me with questions or problems.
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SSR Confidential signups are now closed! If you have a letter, please make sure it is finished and unlocked. I'll start working on signup matching this afternoon, hoping to have them out on Monday.
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You now have a little more time to sign up: SSR Confidential signups will close on Sunday, March 26, at 10:00 a.m. AK time. Originally it was smack in the middle of Saturday evening, and I figured this would make it easier for me to remember to close it, as well as letting last-minute stragglers come in.

Countdown timer
What time is that in my time zone?

Sign up here!

And now, back to frantically writing MY signup ...
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If you like, you may link to your letters here, to make it easier for people to make treats for you! (This is optional.)
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SSR Confidential 2017 signups are open!

You will need to request 2-8 characters and/or relationships, and offer 4-12. Characters and relationships will be entered in the "character" field; you may request either or both. Once you've ticked the "Agent Carter" tag, start typing to bring up a drop-down of possible tags with the character you want. If a tag you want doesn't appear, check the master list of tags (there's a known bug where tags don't always show up) and enter it manually if it's there.

For allowable types of fanworks, you can select from Fic, Drawn/Digital Art, Graphics (i.e. wallpapers, icons, etc), and Vids. You must choose at least one for requests and for offers. You can choose different ones for each (e.g. you can request fic and offer art).

Requests are public, so once people start to sign up, you can view the requests here for potential treating purposes.

Signups will close on Saturday, March 25 at 8:00 p.m. Alaska time (midnight Eastern time).

Let me know if you have any questions!
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The 2017 SSR Confidential tag set is now closed to new nominations, and the text list of tags has been updated with the latest additions. Signups will open Wednesday and stay open through March 25. (So close! \o/)
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