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Hi, and welcome to the planning post for the 2017 edition of SSR Confidential, an Agent Carter fanworks exchange, back for year 2! Also posted on LJ.

Tentative schedule (very similar to last year):
• March 1-12: Nominations.
• March 15-25: Signups.
• March 28 or 29: Assignments go out.
• May 1: No-fault dropout deadline.
• June 1: Fanworks due.
• June 8: Archive goes live.
• June 15: Reveals.

For the most part, everything went very smoothly last year. I'm contemplating a couple of rule changes for this year; let me know what you think?

- No placeholder fics. I'm totally fine granting extensions, and it's okay if a story is not beta'd yet and if you continue to revise/rewrite it right up to reveals, but when the deadline passes, you must have either asked for an extension, or you must have a finished story in the archive, NOT a copy-paste from some other exchange or some other kind of filler text. Otherwise your assignment will go out to pinch hit.

- Participants who don't comment or at least kudos their gift this year will be banned from signing up the following year (though they can still pinch hit). Signing up to receive a gift also means signing up to politely acknowledge your gift.

Thoughts, ideas, input? If we keep this schedule, tag set nominations will open in just about a week and a half. \o/


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